The Birth Of Yoga

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Swami Vivekananda first introduced yoga to everyone almost hundred years or more. Throughout the years, you would have realized that yoga now has become very famous as well. Yoga is a specific and scientific system where it practices mental and physical health that has started in India. The purpose of yoga is to achieve their goal of being at the highest potential and also be able to experience your happiness and health. Yoga will also improve your health, your productivity and also improve your quality of life, which is why you should visit the best centre for yoga.

When you attend a yoga class based, your first lesson will be about what the word actually means:The letter “Y” of the word Yoga itself has been derived from Yogah, which is a Sanskrit word, which actually means to unite, or to yoke. The goal of this practice is to detach you from materialistic things of the world and to come together with the Hinduism God. This is linked to Brahman cosmic consciousness of the cosmos.

The letter “O” represents the Om mantra from Hinduism, which is also another Sanskrit word and is used by Hindu to promote peace. When you repeat this word you are apparently altering the states of your consciousness. The letter “G” reminds of those gurus that have disseminated and developed yoga for the sole purpose of achieving their own goals. The energies, the chakras and the main aim of union with the deity Shiva is something that the gurus have been promoting in churches, corporations and classrooms. The letter “A” will remind you of asana which is another Hindu world which deals with the body postures and is used to feel the cosmic energy flow.

Asana is considered to be its own type of meditation, which will focus on the breathing, and relaxing postures which are a little bit difficult. Regardless of the type of yoga you decide upon, you need to know that the benefits of all these types of yogah is the same:Increasing your flexibilityEnhancing the strength of your musclesImproving the blood circulation and thus promoting cardio health

You will be able to sleep better Higher levels of energy

Reduces any injuries you might sustainOrgans with detoxify itselfYour posture will improveYou will be less anxious and depressedHelps to bear chronic painEndorphins will be released that will improve your moodAnd many moreNow that you are aware of the meaning of the word yoga and the benefits of it, it is time that you try some yoga yourself.